Southwark South Design District is the latest addition to the London Design Festival’s roster of renowned design districts for 2021. The Design District offers a cluster of events within a short walking distance of each other, enabling visitors to navigate events in Southwark South. Following the success of last year's Peckham Design Trail, the district will celebrate local design talent within the broader creative community of Southwark, South East London.

By showcasing the impressive breadth and scope of creative output within the areas of Peckham, Old Kent Road, Camberwell and the surrounding areas, the Southwark South Design District aims to attract and inspire a new generation that may go on to define and eventually change the face of the industry.

In 2020 the Peckham Design Trail was London Design Festival’s largest foray south-of-the-river. This year, the newly formed district will broaden the festival’s reach and accessibility even further, bringing together unique perspectives on design from one of London’s most vibrant, creative and multicultural communities, long home to talented individuals and collectives with a passion and appreciation for design.

Jan Hendzel Studio is an experienced team of furniture makers and product designers based in Woolwich, South East London. Merging traditional joinery with digital manufacturing practices, they are well known for their material knowledge and craftsmanship, producing work that weaves between sculpture and furniture. Being reputable furniture designers and makers, they have a strong presence in the commercial high-end furniture industry with a national and international clientele. The studio’s role is pivotal in their project management of the event and their connection to London’s design community.

Jan Hendzel Studio has partnered with Pempeople Founders and creators of The Livesey Exchange, a grassroots community-led collective. Rooted firmly in the community of Old Kent Road and Peckham, Pempeople founded by Nicholas Okwulu supports many designers and creatives across the borough. Pempeople’s role in the district has been crucial in connecting Jan Hendzel Studio to the wider community and being collaborative decision-makers, ensuring the district communicates the right message and increasing engagement in the district. Pempeople have a good understanding of the local area, having delivered numerous events and projects within the borough and are engaged with the local residents. They understand the alignment of diversity of both the Old Kent Road and Southwark plan. Pempeople are considered the go-to people locally.

Credit: Photography: Gianfranco Chicco