Creative Visionaries Studio Exhibition
All day - September 18, 2021
260 Queen's Road, London SE14 5JN Get directions

In collaboration with the Hill station cafe for SYPP (Sommerville Youth Play Provision), FOOTPRINTS X Diaspora are two murals created by Creative Visionaries Studio in 2019. Representing the past, present and future communities of the area, the murals are an illustrated footprint of everyone who has passed (past) through, is passing (present) through and still to pass(future) through, creating the diversity of the environment and community. The typographical piece communicates to the community that we are 'all one'. The piece of work beside it is a montage of photographs taken of the Revolution! Why bother? wall, also created by Creative Visionaries Studio for the public at Peckham Festival in 2018 and represents the people of Southwark and Lewisham. Murals are the perfect way to see art and remain socially distanced. Bringing Art to the people outdoors rather than in a gallery space gives everyone an opportunity to participate.

The prints for the mural will be available during the Festival at The Hill Station Community Cafe, a small independent makers shop. Address; The Hill Station Community Cafe, Kitto Road, Lewisham, SE14 5TY London.