Film screening of Rising: A Manifesto by Valeria Salinas Toro & Jahnavi Inniss
18:30 to 20:00 - September 20, 2021
135 Bird in Bush Rd, London SE15 1QP

Somerset House Future Producers present Rising: A Manifesto, a film that explores the political, ecological, and spiritual dimensions of the group’s artistic practise in what is both a reckoning and a celebration. It has been collaboratively shot, edited and sound tracked with Studios resident Seth Pimlott.

Valeria Salinas Toro is a multidisciplinary artist who explores a variety of physical and digital materials that contain vivid imagery of abstraction and colours, as a form of visual influence towards their audience, enhancing their emotions based on the psychology of colour. Most recently, they use creative code to produce interactive environments that blur the lines of reality and the digital realm.

Jahnavi Innis is a London-based designer and creative producer. Her practice is primarily focused on surfacing lesser-known narratives, dismantling ‘single stories’ and providing visibility and empowerment for underrepresented communities. Her design process involves experimenting with and evaluating a wide range of mediums as she considers the best method of communication.

VST @v.mks
Jahnavi @jahnavinniss



  • 18:30 - 20:00 : Film screening of Rising: Monday 20th Sept, A Manifesto by Valeria Salinas Toro & Jahnavi Inniss