Loraine Rutt Exhibition
All day - September 25, 2021
Blenheim Court, London SE15 4QL Get directions

Visit the atmospheric globe-making studio of Loraine Rutt to see her latest work - an installation recreating the current exhibition at Middle Temple Library. Since 1630 The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple has been home to the earliest English globes, made by Emery Molyneux in 1602. Loraine was invited to show new work in response to a collaboration with Oxford University academics Dr Lauren Working and Dr Emily Stevenson of ERC TIDE who has selected texts from the texts from the library. ‘From Middle Temple to Manoa’ examines transculturality, identity and networks in the literary milieu of Elizabethan and Stuart London, and their desire for world knowledge and luxury goods.

Through maps, globes and ceramic vessels Loraine's new work explores the influence of early cartography and invites the viewer to consider their own world view and the geopolitics of exploration and trade.

She is also currently relaunching the 200-year-old company Georama, painstakingly updating the hand-drawn original globe artwork, the latest design samples will also be on show, and available to pre-order.