PERMANENT TEMPORARY by Pempeople & Livesey Exchange
10:00 September 18, 2021 to 18:00 September 24, 2021
135 Bird in Bush Rd, London SE15 1QP

A week-long celebration of resilient creativity on Old Kent Road, as part of the Southwark South Design District in the London Design Festival.

Permanent Temporary confronts the constant state of flux we find ourselves in. Creatives in Southwark work in a permanent state of temporariness, as rapid regeneration shifts the ground beneath our feet and spaces for making are taken away. But even as our environment transforms at a dizzying pace, the fabric of our community remains strong. 

Permanent Temporary is an interactive showcase of the ways we continue to thrive despite these volatile circumstances. Our project champions local ingenuity and collectively imagines how we can shape the future of Old Kent Road and beyond. Throughout the London Design Festival, we’ll be hosting collaborative workshops, film screenings and panel talks at the Livesey Exchange garages, where a team of architects will be working together to construct a multi-media installation experience. That installation, along with art and designs from some of the most stellar local makers, will be celebrated in our big finale weekend, when we’ll be taking over the newly renovated Bottle Factory space for an electric expo of curated galleries, live musical performances and a fashion show.