F.A.T. Studio CIC is a small community arts organisation based at the front of an ex-retail space on Old Kent Road. It’s run by 6 friends, all with different creative practices but with a shared enthusiasm for community-centred living and DIY culture. They share this building – a ‘meanwhile’ space looked after by Arebyte Studios – with over 50 artists, designers and makers.

F.A.T. Studio has been running collaborative creative projects and events in southeast London for several years and recently secured funding (50% crowdfunding, 50% Mayor of London grant) to set up and run their biggest project yet, Old Kent Road Arts Club, an exciting creative space that aims to welcome, connect and support people living and working on Old Kent Road.

Through innovative use of space and a programme of free, regular clubs, community-led events and exhibitions, the project seeks to help strengthen cultural and creative presence on Old Kent Road at a critical time in the area’s history.

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765-775 Old Kent Road, London, SE15 1NZ

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