Darta Shokrzadeh’s Designpost is a personal response to the streets of Southwark, stemming from time spent exploring the district. Based on his own photographs, Darta's design captures the round-the-clock busyness and multi-ethnic vibrancy of the area, expressing both the daytime bustle of the streets and markets, and the energy of its bars and clubs by night.

Interpreting the sculpture as a tree like structure, Jan Hendzel Studio created a central 12 sided column from 12 accurately machined staves, with precision hand-cut slots arranged around the top edge. The studio selected crown cut boards for the staves, with their flame like grain offering a beautiful natural pattern reminiscent of a tree trunk. Once glued, the trunk hides a detailed core steel structure that supports cantilever arms holding 24 CNC cut and hand-finished characters of Peckham. Simple in form but grand in scale, the technicality of this piece is hidden to the viewer with its precision construction of the trunk and a bespoke timber bracket used to secure the characters in place.

122 Peckham Hill St, London SE15 5JR

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